What is the difference between superduplex uns s32750 and superduplex uns s32760?

For all practical purposes none, they have almost identical mechanical properties and corrosion resistance and, unless there is a special personal preference, they are both accepted as alternatives one of the other.

Are there any differences in workability between the superduplex uns s32750 and uns s32760?

The workability is almost identical, given the similar characteristics, but the Superduplex UNS S32760 can be managed a little better, given the presence of a small percentage of copper (Cu) in its chemical analysis.

How is the workability of superduplex?

It can be worked without any problems, but you need to have the suitable tools and cutting speeds, as it appears to be tougher, given its enhanced mechanical characteristics, compared to the normal stainless steel.

How can the superduplex be welded?

The weldability of this material is good and no special precautions are needed. However for MIG welding, use a gas and a program suitable to avoid porosity in the weld.

Is it possible to weld superduplex with duplex?

Of course, it is possible and it works well, and no special precautions are needed, however it is good practice to always use the material with the best characteristics, so in this case filler material must be Superduplex.

What are the differences between austenitic stainless steel (aisi standard) and austenitic ferritic steels (duplex and superduplex)?

The last ones offer better mechanical features, a better resistance to under stress corrosion and to pitting.

Which are the waterjet cutting advantages?

  • Waterjet cut is cold, then unlike the most common cut such as plasma or laser, it does not overheat the cutting area and therefore it does not change the structural characteristics (very recommended for TITANIUM and  TANTALIUM)
  • Plates with very big thicknesses can be cut
  • This kind of cutting does not make burr or buckling as other "hot" cuttings do
  • Cutting surface, apart from thickness, is always almost "vertical"
  • Thanks to waterjet cutting one can obtain very smooth surfaces, very close in quality to surfaces worked with tool machine, as a result often one can save in mechanical working
  • Unlike other cutting methods one can save in material scrap, as cutting precision and small thickness (1 mm max) allow to exploit nearly  100 % plate surface.
  • SpecialSteelStock in-house machine:
  • Maximum useful cut size: 3000x6750 mm
  • Maximun thickness: 200 mm
  • Maximum actually cut thickness: 160 mm in UNS S32760

Which are the plasma cutting advantages?

  • Plasma cutting is a thermal fusion cutting (plasma is an electrically conductive gas)
  • Plasma cutting leaves plates dross-free
  • High-cutting speed when cutting thin and medium-size plates
  • SpecialSteelStock HD plasma cutting macchine:
  • Max. cutting dimensions: 3190x7150 mm
  • Max. cuttable thickness: 100 mm

What’s “pren”?

Literally: Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number, which is a value obtained by a formula that takes into account the percentage of individual elements in a single casting, which gives an indication of corrosion resistance, higher or lower than other castings of this family of steels. Normally, the duplex value is between 33.5 and 35.5, while the superduplex ranges between 39.5 and 41.5.

Here’s the formula to calculate PREN value:  Cr%+3,3(Mo%+0,5W%)+16N%

What's alloy surcharge?

  • What's alloy surcharge?

Alloy surcharge is a supplement, calculated considering the price of the alloy elements (nickel, chrome, molybdenum), added to stainless steel basic price. This surcharge is due to the shortage of some raw materials, such as Nickel, which create price fluctuations in the stainless steel marketplace.

  • Is alloy surcharge applied to Customers order?

SpecialSteelStock offers - unless very particular occasions - always include alloy surcharge and therefore quoted price is final.

  • Where finding Nickel and Molybdenum updated price?
On SpecialSteelStock homepage, clicking on "Nickel & Moyibdenum index".




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